1. To comprehend the historical events which precipitated Ukrainian resistance to Russian and Soviet domination.

2. To understand the precipitating factors which led to the Genocide Famine and their impact on the Ukrainian people.

3. To examine the reasons behind the lack of information regarding the Ukrainian Genocide Famine in the West.

4. To appreciate the nature of Soviet and Russian disinformation.

5. To identify other events which were similar to the Genocide Famine in Ukraine.

The student will:

1. Describe how the Grand Duchy of Muscovy became the Russian empire.

2. Describe how the Soviet Union inherited the Russian empire and the methods it used to maintain and expand its territorial size.

3. Describe how and when Ukraine became part of the Russian and Soviet empires.

4. Describe Ukrainian resistance to Russian and Soviet rule and the use of famine as a weapon of national subjugation.

5. Explain how and why Western correspondents attempted to cover up the Forced Famine in Ukraine in collusion with the Soviet disinformation

6. Compare and contrast Stalin's forced Genocide Famine to Hitler's Holocaust.

7. List and briefly describe other instances of genocide perpetrated or inspired by the Soviet Union.
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