Review human behavior during the Ukrainian Genocide Famine using survivor accounts as well as reports by observers. Are their any commonalties?

Compare and contrast Stalin's Genocide Famine against Ukrainians with Hitler's Holocaust against Jews. What are the similarities? What are the differences?

Write an essay about other genocides in the world and compare them to the Genocide Famine in Ukraine.

Write an essay about natural famines in the world and compare them to the Genocide Famine in Ukraine.

Some historians have argued that the Genocide Famine in Ukraine was not a genocide. What arguments can be used to disprove this position?

The present Russian government still refuses to recognize the Forced Famine in Ukraine as an act of genocide. Why do you think that is? Contact the Russian
Embassy in Washington, D.C. to get Russia's side of the issue.

Compare and contrast the British Empire with the Soviet Russian Empire. How and why did the British behave differently from the Russians?

Compare and contrast the Genocide Famine in Ukraine with the Irish Potato Famine.

Compare and contrast Soviet Russian genocide against Ukrainians with Turkish genocide against Armenians.

Discuss the nature of disinformation. What can citizens in a free society do to combat it?

Research the present situation in Russia and Ukraine. How are they the same? How are they different?

What is the root cause of genocide?

Why do you think Communist criminals guilty of participating in genocide have yet to be tried and convicted for their actions?

Is there anything that we, living in a free society, can do to prevent famines and genocides in the future?
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